How do I get a better work/life balance?

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How do I get a better work/life balance?

Here’s a question I have struggled with for many years.

First, I wondered how to maintain a balance between the work I was enjoying and the rest of my life, i.e. family, health and fitness, sports, artistic pursuits, hobbies, community. The constant juggling of all these interests and priorities.

Then I questioned the concept itself. How is work separate from the rest of my life? And does it make sense to strive for a mythical static balance between all of those important areas in my life, including work? As the demands and opportunities in my work and other aspects of my life ebbed and flowed, I began to see the balance as a constantly shifting dance between all the important things in my life.

As a professional business coach, I have seen that dance play out with many entrepreneurs. As a business owner, you know that it’s impossible to separate your business from the rest of your life. You’ve built this with hard work, dedication, imagination, and creativity. This is a part of you or an extension of you. Your personality is stamped all over the business. It has formed part of your business’ brand.

Really, the powerful concept of balance is in tying all those elements together and managing that dance so that all elements of your life are being supported in the way that you want. Do you have the level of health and fitness to keep contributing and supporting your business and family? Are you paying attention to the quality of your personal relationships enough? Are you comfortable with how much attention you are paying to your business and its success? Are you neglecting areas of your life? How will that affect the other aspects of your life in the future? Here are 6 tips that can help you with your personal balance equation.

Besides, you know full well, this is not some static position of excellence that we can achieve. When I first started my businesses, it was “pedal to the metal”. I was super-focused and driven. One day, I had a great talk with a colleague and he compared business start-up to an airplane taking off. He told me that to launch a business is a bit like getting an airplane off the ground. Full throttle until the plane is off the runway and at cruising altitude. Then, you need to pull back on the throttle or you burn too much fuel and you can’t get to your destination. The same is true as you manage the “altitude” of your business. As normal events unfold that demand more of your attention, throttle up for a period of time. And then look for those opportunities to shift into a more sustainable velocity. That is a critical period of recharge time. Time to look at other aspects of life and put energy into all the other important elements that make up your version of a full life.

How is your balance now? Are you satisfied with how you balance your time with all those important things to you? Yes your business is important. Have you cut loose and had some fun lately? What are you doing to refill your creative well so that when you need your creativity to support your business, you have a deep well of imagination to pull from?

Lets talk about where your balance equation is now and where you would like it to be.


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