How did I get into coaching?

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So how did you get into coaching?

It’s a question I get asked fairly frequently. Whether I’m at a networking event or talking with relatives, people are curious about my story.

The quick answer I have is I’ve been coaching most of my working life and have always enjoyed it.

I strongly believe in the model of helping people achieve their goals through the power of coaching. I have both benefited from being coached and have coached many as they aspired to grow personally and professionally. I love working with people, understanding where they are with their business in that moment and co-creating a plan to achieving their objectives. Whether that’s in my personal life, talking with my son as he sorts through his schooling options, or helping an organization think of new ways to embed energy management into their operations, coaching is a powerful tool for success. So when the opportunity came along to do professional business coaching, I dove in with both feet. And I’m loving it!

Coaching, whether in sport, business or more broadly in your life, is a powerful tool in helping you achieve peak performance. From small business owners to highly successful executives, high performing individuals can benefit from having a business coach standing beside them, supporting and encouraging them. Coaching really shines brightly when you are planning a change. There’s nothing like a second pair of eyes to help you discover whats really going on.

I recently had a conversation with an entrepreneur with a small food manufacturing operation. She was feeling squeezed for time and overwhelmed with all that was going on. She was so busy with the day-to-day operation of her business, she wasn’t taking the time to look at where she wanted to take the business in the future. With no time to plan for and manage the myriad of challenges she was facing with new regulations, high costs and finding qualified staff. She was spending all her time working in her business. As a small business coach I can ask those questions that can pull her out of the firefighting and focus on longer-term business success while helping find creative solutions for those pressing immediate challenges.

Imagine your business in 3 years time. What would it mean to you to achieve that success? What steps are you taking right now to get there?

Let's connect and explore these questions together. It’s 15 minutes that could get you on the right path to achieving your 3 year plan.


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