Which blossom will be your focus?

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Which blossom will be your focus?

I was reminded several times this past week about the importance of focus. I have had the privilege of working with some fantastic people over the years and while I can see many unique strengths with each of those individuals, I can also see some common threads. One of those common threads is their ability to focus clearly on their objective and keep that in mind through all the noise around them.

There’s an amazing concept in photography known as “depth of field”. It’s a function of how the optics work in lenses. With some cameras, you can choose what part of your visual field appears to be in focus through manipulating the lens and sensor (or film) characteristics. Given reasonable lighting, I can choose to have almost the whole frame in sharp focus. Or I can choose just one small area at a given distance from me that will be in focus. Everything else outside that particular zone will be out of focus. Still interesting and potentially important! But not in sharp detail and focus. The technique opens up so many creative possibilities to create a unique view that reflects your own sensibilities. Your photo might be wildly different from one the photographer standing next to you would take. It will reflect your own personal creative vision.

Look at the cherry blossoms in the photo attached to this blog. In this scene, there are probably fifty beautiful blooms that you could focus on. Nitish Meena chose one or two particularly beautiful and well-placed blossoms. All around those ones in focus are others that could be equally stunning, but those two are what he chose to focus his sights on. You might have chosen a different point of focus. And perhaps created an even more beautiful capture of the scene.

Recently, I have had a few conversations about choices entrepreneurs are making within their business. So many opportunities! So many different and equally fruitful roads they could travel down. The trick is, carefully choosing one that will work for you and staying focused on that road. And that’s no easy thing. There are so many shiny objects in the world that can and will draw your attention. Which marketing tactics should I use? Should I engage a service to help me generate leads? Maybe I should build a social media presence? Should I go to that trade show? What’s a new way to reach my customer?

Now, don’t get me wrong. A well thought through marketing strategy will include the use of a few great tactics that help get your message in front of your ideal clients. And with those tactics, you will want to be tracking your successes to ensure you are getting good value from your chosen approach. Not working? Look for alternative approaches that will accomplish your goal. But a thoughtful approach says that you have considered the alternatives, planned out your tactics and worked those tactics long enough to assess whether they are working. I have found myself looking at new ideas just because they are new ideas. Hey, here’s a new idea that would be fun! There’s an interesting new way! Someone else is succeeding with this approach, maybe I should try it.

That’s where business choices come in. So many great ideas to connect with customers. So many ways to create your business results. What depth of field are you choosing? Which blossoms will you bring into focus?

If it seems like there are just too many possibilities, if you are having trouble sorting out what your depth of field should be, let’s talk. Perhaps business coaching is the answer to help you sort out your unique focal point.


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